Solly (Gift Set)


  • Easy grip

  • Durable and break resistant

  • Keep the food hot and fresh

  • Easy to carry


  • Solly (Gift Set) three insulated casseroles is made of foodgrade material with thermi-guard.

  • The inner mirror finished liner parts are fabricated out of non magnetic stainless steel.

  • The plastic outer body and lead components are moulded out of virgin food grade plastic polymers which gives solly a sturdy and beautiful finish.

  • Transfer hot food from cooking vessel to Solly and Solly casseroles will keep it hot for hours.

  • Solly¬† serves to preserve cold foods too.

  • ¬† This is a very attractive product with smooth finish & leaf shape handle.

  • Solly set adorn your dinning table.

  • Solly party set can be a perfect gift for any occasion or festive season, weddings, anniversaries and any other celebration.